Property Tax Loan Eligibility and Qualification Criteria

Most property types are eligible for a HomeFront Property Tax Loan.

Property must be located in Texas and be in reasonable condition

Currently, we are only able to provide a property tax loan if the property is located in the State of Texas.  If you live outside of Texas, but own property within Texas, you may be eligible to receive a property tax loan, granted the property is in reasonably good condition.  If you do not know, or are unsure about whether or not your property is considered to be in reasonable condition, we will be happy to assist you.


Properties that qualify for a tax loan: Homes, Rental Properties, Land, and Commercial Buildings

Most types of property qualify for a property tax loan.  If you have multiple properties in different categories, that does not prevent you from qualifying for a loan.  If you are unsure, contact our local Austin office to speak with one of our tax experts, (866) 776-7829


If property is primary residence, borrower must be under 65 years of age

If you are over the age of 65, you may qualify for a tax deferral on your primary residence. Homefront Tax Loans does not provide loans to people under 18 years of age.


Total taxes, penalties, interest and court costs must total at least $3,500

Not sure what you owe in unpaid property taxes? Call(866) 776-7829 and we will help you calculate your outstanding property tax balance.


Borrower cannot be in bankruptcy or have a current federal tax lien

If you are currently in bankruptcy or have a federal tax lien on your property, you will not be eligible for a property tax loan.


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